This mix is inspired by looking out of the window of my hi-rise flat on a frosty morning watching the sun rise over Pendlebury Tower in Stockport. I’m a morning person. I used to wake up to Radio 4, but I broke this lifelong habit when the pandemic hit. These days I set an alarm half an hour early and programme it to play beautiful music that floats into my REM dream state, gradually pulling me into consciousness as though I am surfacing from water. I made this gentle mix as an offering to anyone who might want to wake up in the same way.

Cinematic Orchestra – Workers in Art (Kelly Moran Remix)
Erlend Cooper, Anna Pheobe – Spoot Ebb
Jon Hassell – Dreaming
Loscil – Equivalent 3
Tim Hecker – Boreal Kiss Part 1
Cassandra Jenkins – The Ramble
Shida Shahabi – Futo
Colin Stetson – Spindrift
The Quiet Temple – Utopia & Visions
Andrew Wasylyk -Awoke in the Early Days of a Better World (Alternate Version)
Bing & Ruth – Reflector