I had a wonderful time doing another show for Melodic Distraction last Saturday morning. The music is pretty swoonsome and cinematic – big strings and ‘classic back cat’ (as we ‘hobbled veterans of the disk shop’* used to say).

There is an exciting cameo by Tommy Saxondale and a few archive clips from various places.

*(c) James Murphy

Photo of me by Rachel Adams (@fucntioning photographer)

Gene Harris – Book of Slim
Jackie Gleason – Melancholy Serenade
Night Owls (feat. Destani Wolf) – After Laughter
Sven Wunder – Stellar Plates
Joe Henry – This Afternoon
John Lennon – Steel & Glass
John Martyn – Back To Stay
Aretha Franklin – It Only Happens When I Look At You
M. Ward – Outro
Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor
Sinead O’ Connor – Downpressor Man
Apta – The Same As It Ever Was
Air – Radio #1
The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
Ernest Hood – Saturday Morning Daze
Tim Buckley – Blue Melody
John Barry – The Girl With Sun In Her Hair
Ms Ray – Broken Heart Still Beats
The Thief Of Time – Pavement Soul (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye – Song #3 (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye – Song #4 (Instrumental / Partial Vocal)
Sylvia Tella – You Might Need Somebody
Katy Rose Bennett – One More Time
Van Morrison – T.B. Sheets (Original Stereo Mix)
Rhythm Roots Allstars – Island Hustle
Dizzy K – Sweet Music