I transmit to you
Through mist and darkening
Droplets carry the frequency
Of my circuit’s thrum
In light we are losing

A private road trespassed upon
I spoke of regaining my sight
And how, when the bandages came off
I wished I was still blind

“How can you see through the raindrops
on the window?”
You see by not trying to see
Don’t impose an order on things
That are beautiful because they are free

It’s ok to listen
It’s ok to be still
Not always chasing the line
Transmitting through time

Can a frequency be picked up in the past?
Can you tune in as you were then
And start again?
It can carry overseas
Coast-to-coast hook up
If your eyes stay on the dial
But can you broadcast to the future
To another time?

I transmit to you
Through gorse and heather
Chicken’s feet and mouse’s tail
Harvestmen dangling on webs of spun steel
Hawthorn clawing at the doppler
of the sparrow’s wingbeat
From tow path to interchange
Like heat-seeking love
This heart, grit-flecked, always lurching north

There is an easier way
Tune into the thrum, try not to numb
Shuck off the residue
You are a clean instrument
wired to receive
Open, vibrating
A tuning fork in a forked road
Tune in! Catch it while you can!
We have time – after all
There are the other lives
Our many other lives