I was chuffed to little mint balls to see ‘I Miss Your Love’ in the Bandcamp Daily ‘Best Electronic Music of 2023’ list. Wow! It’s a lovely feeling.

It’s my first record and it wasn’t an easy thing to make, I must admit. As the track developed my ancient computer kept crashing (around every ten minutes). I shed tears of frustration at times, but I knew I just had to get it finished.

It meant a lot to me that so many folk supported the release, and I am appreciative of those who got in touch offering words of encouragement.

Thanks ever so much to Joe Muggs, particularly for the phrase ‘churchy-but-sexual’, which is all I aspire to be in life. 😉

I am working on new stuff, but none of it sounds anything like ‘I Miss Your Love’. Suppose I’m just an ornery fucker. Stay tuned for the next churchy-but-sexual transmission!