It‘s a fuckin’ buzz to see my record available in both Piccadilly Records & Vinyl Exchange, two of my former work places.

The vinyl has a special insert, which features a cameo from Russ Marland of Vinyl Exchange. Russ was a hugely influential dance buyer at Spin Inn in the late 80s and helped to shape the sound of Manchester during this much-documented time. But unlike many folk, he doesn’t like to twat on about it too much. This is my little tribute to him – you‘ll have to check out the insert to get the full story.

Typed, photocopied insert with a list of records from 1988, and the word' Russ' written on it in pen.

Matt Ward (a.k.a. Kickin Pigeon) is the dance buyer at Piccadilly. I learnt so much from Matt during our 4 years working together. He has a contagious energy, deep integrity and works his fucking nuts off. Thank you, Matt, for making my 12” Genre Pick of the Week.

Of course, both Russ and Matt are exceptional DJs.

The influence of dance buyers on a city‘s nightlife and wider culture is under-appreciated.

My record has snuck into the shops a little earlier than the ‘official’ release date, so you can bag it now.